Day 132- NEW HABIT: Gym Kit

NEW HABIT: Change into my gym kit first thing for morning gym and straight after work for evening gym

After a bout of illness, this week is all about getting straight back to my many habits and visiting the gym again. It took real motivation to get up early this morning and get to the gym but it was so worth it. I felt great afterwards and it established the day and the habits I need to re-instate. My first habit of the day on the mornings I go to gym, is to get into my gear as soon as I get out of bed. On the days I go to gym classes in the evening, it is also a habit to change into my gym kit straight after work. This is to put my mind in the right frame. Once I’m wearing the clothes, it makes it much easier for me to go.

I look ridiculous in my gear at the moment because I’m overweight and some of it doesn’t fit or isn’t flattering. I’m also a bit short on sports bras and tops, especially now I’m known to do up two sports activities a day. Instead, I have desire to own lots of great looking, well-fitting gym wear. And different gear for different pursuits. I would love soft, comfy, mix-and-match yoga and pilates wear. And cool looking comfortable lycra for the gym work. And the right kind of running gear for all weathers. Part of me wants to purchase stuff soon, thinking good stuff will make me more prone to do exercise. Another part of me wants to wait until I have lost the weigh, so the money isn’t wasted. I suspect I will wait until I think I’m slim enough. It will be such joy to spend money on nice gym wear.

I have my eye on GymShark, M Life and Sweaty Betty for the gear I dream of. I look forward to the day I can post about my gym wear haul.

I look nothing like my former self. I have been gaining weight over the last 4 years, especially around my face and neck. I can look so much better than this!

“I will put on my gym wear first thing for morning gym and put on my gym wear straight after work for evening gym”


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