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What do you want out of life?

All I want out of life is to live it happily and be content

What does a happy and content life look like to you?

  • I have a home that functions well and looks and feels welcoming
  • I’m slim enough to enjoying dressing up and making myself look pretty
  • I’m healthy enough to have energy and the ability to do fun things
  • My body looks strong and performs well
  • I have enough money to do the things that make me happy
  • I have some saved up money for the future
  • I have a healthy looking face and skin
  • I enjoy the occasions I spend with friends & family
  • I provide for my children and give them what they need
  • I’m organised to reduce life’s stresses
  • I strive to be more efficient at work
  • I don’t waste money
  • I aspire to be ethical

These solutions to a happier life are things that came immediately, very quickly or with a short amount of consideration. If I spend more time, I’m sure I could come up with dozens more but I’d rather focus on just these, not only because they will have the most profound effect but because it will be easier to focus on fewer.