Day 112- NEW HABIT: Face Mask

NEW HABIT: Use a face mask on Sunday bath nights

Sundays have become designated bath nights. It’s my opportunity to exfoliate and shave and scrub my feet and anything else that 5 minutes in the shower doesn’t allow. It’s also a great opportunity to chill, relax and meditate. The first week I just soaked for 30 minutes. The second week I washed my face and exfoliated before my soak. Tomorrow will be my third week of having a Sunday night bath and I will then follow my exfoliation with a face mask.

I have tried many, many face masks and most of them either sting, burn or dry my skin out. However, I have discovered two that I really get on well with and one of them is my all time favourite. They happen to both be by Origins.

My favourite is Out Of Trouble. It is white cream and is incredibly soothing on red, inflamed, spotty skin. I love the smell, it reminds me of a 1970s fist aid box. When I have really bad red spots, it not only soothes but I find it brings the spot to the surface quicker.


I also like Clear Improvement. It is not as good as Out Of Trouble but it is better suited to the T-Zone. That’s the areas like the nose, chin and forehead. I like to use both masks at the same time in different zones to get the best results.


Like my Liz Earle products these items are to be financed by my PayPal profits from eBay. I think I have a little Clear Improvement left so soon I will have to buy new face masks.

“On Sunday bath nights I will use a task mask after exfoliation”

Day 111- NEW HABIT: Spring Spa Visit

NEW HABIT: Budget for a Spring spa visit with treatments & budget for it

Part of my bigger plan is to have 4 spa visits a year. I would like one for my birthday in January, one for my boyfriend’s birthday in April, one in the Summer before a holiday and one in Autumn with my mum and sister. At each visit I would like to have an exfoliating treatment, a massage and a facial. In Spring and Summer I would like a pedicure as well, so I have nice painted nails for sandals.

We like visiting Nirvana Spa in Berkshire. It is one of the nicest day spas in the country. It’s a shame it doesn’t have a hotel. That would really be the icing on the cake.

To have everything I want for the Spring Spa Day I have to budget about £450. Luckily this Christmas I received a Spa day voucher and £100 towards treatments from my boss so I didn’t have to save up so much money. Today I booked our spa visit. The itinerary is really full and exciting.

Start 8:30am


11am- African Baobab Ritual (exfoliation & massage)

12.30pm- Personalised Spa Facial

3:00pm- Vegan Afternoon Tea

6:00pm- J-GELeration Pedicure

7:15pm- Healthy Buffet

We have never had such a full day with so much on offer but planning and budgeting has finally made it possible, and I wish it to be an annual event. I will blog next week about my visit to the Chiropodist. I feel I have to do that before having a professional pedicure. I’m concerned I may have some nail infections.


“I will budget for a Spring Spa Day for my boyfriend’s birthday in April and budget for it and treatments including exfoliation, a massage, a facial and a pedicure”


Day 101- NEW HABIT: Exfoliation

NEW HABIT: Exfoliate my face on bath nights

A couple of weeks ago I introduced bath night on Sundays. I have had a bath on Sundays for two weeks in a row. As a foundation, I have simply run a warm bath with bath foam and dead sea salts, lit a candle and soaked for 30 minutes. It has been a great way to wind down and take some time out. But bath nights are intended for more than just that. I will be slowly introducing habits to go with bath time. The first thing I do is wash my face with my usual facial wash. Following that I will be introducing the habit of exfoliating my face. This is the opportunity to slough away dead skin and deep clean my pores. I want to use Liz Earle’s exfoliator going forward. I have an old bottle of it to finish up and a Dermalogica equivalent to use too.

“I will exfoliate after washing my face on Sunday bath nights”




Day 98- NEW HABIT: The Gym

NEW HABIT: Try to go to the gym twice a day on weekdays for 3 months

The good news that my job role is to develop into something more professional from the 1st April means I am more inspired than I have been for a very long time. I want to dress more professionally for the role and feel good about myself. It has inspired me to join the gym because we have a new one recently opened right between my home and work. My sons go to it and my eldest son has been saying for a while that he could easily train me to lose weight and gain muscle if we went together. Impulsively, I went to the gym after work on Friday and signed up for 3 months. Thats two months before my role starts and one month after. I should think with commitment I can lose the 30+ surplus pounds I’m carrying around. 10 pounds a month is totally doable. I have joined an Anytime Fitness gym. It’s about £40 a month and you can only join for 3 months if you pay it all up front.

The gym is really nice with lots of stuff available. I’m chuffed that the showers are like individual bathrooms so I can lock the door and get on with my beauty regimen. Fingers crossed they are not too popular and busy. There are also a variety of classes I can attend, included in the price. I’m excited because there are lots I’m interested in, like variations of yoga. I can book the day before. There are even classes at 6am and I’m sure if I get addicted I would attend them, use the gym and then go to work.

I want to make the gym part of my daily routine once or twice a day so I have had to review all my habits and their timings for the entire day. Here is my revised plan for my daily weekday habits.

0645 hrs- Get up & put on gym wear

0650 hrs- Make bed

0655 hrs- Dental routine

0700 hrs- Finish packing for work

0705 hrs- Do any washing up

0715 hrs- Go to gym

0730 hrs- Gym session

0830 hrs- Shower & beauty regimen

0900 hrs- Breakfast at work

1600 hrs- Return home

1615 hrs- Change into gym wear

1620 hrs- Put laundry on

1625 hrs- Prep dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast & lunch, and have snack

Blog post

1800-2100 hrs- Gym classes

After gym:


Head to bed routine

Beauty regimen

Pack for tomorrow

Netflix for one hour

Go to sleep

“I will aim to visit the gym at least once in the morning and once in the evening on weekdays for 3 months and then review”





Day 90- NEW HABIT: Bath Night

NEW HABIT: Introduce my first weekly bath night on a Sunday

The first time I embarked on my path to perfection I introduced a bath night on Sundays. I maintained it for several weeks and it proved to be a really good part of my beauty regimen. A bath provides an opportunity to do things that aren’t easily executed in the shower. I like to exfoliate and put a face pack on and shave thoroughly. The other opportunity a bath offers, is time for relaxation. Time to think and time to meditate and slow things down.

I recall from the past that bath night is always very fragile and easy to skip. It’s a shame to skip it because it ticks so many boxes and sets me up for a good week. I’m considering to dangle a carrot to encourage me to commit, like a glass of wine or something. It’s also nice after the bath to put fresh pyjamas on, get into a clean bed, read or something, and get an earlier night to prepare me for the week ahead. It’s about making a ritual out of it, surrendering to the experience and eliminating all other distractions.

Tonight I will plan my first bath night. I think after dinner is the trigger to switch the hot water on and go up for the bath, perform the ritual and find myself in bed a little earlier than other nights. There are lots of elements I can add to the ritual and eventually perfect the entire evening.

I have a box by the bath for all the things I need when I am in there. Things like a candle, a razor, facemasks and exfoliators.

“Every Sunday I will have a bath night after dinner and then head to bed”

My Bath Box Of Tricks




Day 87- HABIT BREAK: Chin Hairs

HABIT BREAK: Stop plucking my facial hair

For the last few years I’ve started to get long fine hairs or thick black hairs on and around my chin. First I tried laser surgery but found the hairs just kept coming back and it was burning my skin and expensive at £50 a pop.

Then I tried electrolysis which was reportedly more effective and much much cheaper at only £10 for 5 mins. I went for several months but again the hairs never really stopped growing.

Since I gave up electrolysis I’ve started plucking them again because I just can’t help touching them and they annoy me but they keep causing red painful bumps when they try to grow back and become ingrown.

I have two very painful bumps at the moment and there is nothing I can do to get rid of them. I fiddle and pick yet they won’t go away until the hair breaks through. One of them, I think, may have millimetres of hair stuck below the skin because it keeps coming back and I can feel the bump but it isn’t a zit.

Today I vow to stop pulling the hairs out because the repercussions are just not worth it. I look like I have acne when I don’t. I have decided to buy a little face de-fuzzer to cut them regularly instead. They will come back faster and I’ll have to keep doing it but at least I won’t have the problem of ingrown hairs anymore.

Soon, I’m going to introduce bath nights and that will include exfoliation which will help soften the hairs.

“I will not pluck my chin hairs anymore”



Day 80- BUDGET: Haircut

NEW HABIT: Budget for a haircut every 12 weeks

Firstly, I grew out all the bleach in my hair so now I have my natural colour. Since then, I have been growing it long. It’s getting to how I want it to be but there are several inches still to go. I also want to have a nice hairstyle to go to work with. At the moment, I just leave it long and straggly which isn’t ideal for my job role.

My hairdresser comes to my house to cut my hair. I’m changing the regularity from every 10 weeks to every 12 weeks to save money. I’m also now budgeting £40 for it every 12 weeks.

“I will have my haircut every 12 weeks and budget £40 to pay for it”


“I will budget £40 towards a haircut every 12 weeks”