Day 110- NEW HABIT: The Menstrual Cup

Warning! Explicit description of menstrual woes

NEW HABIT: Use a menstrual cup instead of tampons

I must say, it is very, very late in the day for me to introduce this habit. I’m 46 and I think I’m already in the peri-menopausal stage. I get hot flashes and the gaps between my periods are increasing. Never mind though, one less tampon in landfill or the water system can only be a good thing.

I bought my first Mooncup about a year ago. At first, I struggled with it. Inserting it was surprisingly easy and I was happy with that part but I found it often leaked. I certainly improved the situation for myself when I stopped pulling it out and letting the contents out down the toilet at the same time. That was messy! Now I carefully remove it and empty the contents down the sink. I’m not really sure why it leaks. Sometimes it leaks and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s also really awkward when the sink isn’t in the same room as the toilet, like in public places. If I need to wash it out, I need to be very discrete. My friend suggested bringing a water bottle in with me but why does it have to be so awkward as having to do that?


Anyhow, I think I have very few periods left in me so I may as well make the ethical choice that I can. I have tampons and pads from the True Food Cooperative as an easy option if really necessary


“I will use my menstrual cup instead of tampons”

Day 103- ETHICAL HAUL: Packet Food

Today was my fourth trip to the True Food Cooperative. On my previous trips I have started buying Personal Care, Kitchen Household Items and Cleaning Products. This week I bought any of these items I’ve started using (because I always want back up) and started looking at the Packet Foods I need in my diet. The loose foods like grains and nuts I will probably save for my next visit on 16th March.

Here’s what I bought based on what I will be needing on my plant-based diet:


So I need all these foods for my plant-based diet followed in the book above but the products shown in these pictures are all from a food cooperative who only stock the most ethical brands and are a non-profit organisation. This is the future of grocery shopping if we are to sustain a growing population. I’m gradually moving all my shopping over from the big 5 supermarkets to the local cooperative. I’ll only be left with fresh food that I need to get from the supermarket because that will take more hard work to transition from. I even topped up my toilet roll for the third time and replenished the cleaning products I’ve started to use. Now I have two bottles of everything I can take one empty bottle back to use at the filling station.


Day 102- NEW HABIT: The Printer

NEW HABIT: Always have paper and cartridges for the printer and budget for it

Using a printer can be quite a costly affair especially when one does not budget for the expensive ink cartridges. At around £80 a pop, it always comes as a nasty surprise when I have to replace a spent one. Also, I never have one ready when it runs out so there are occasions when important documents can’t be printed in time. This new habit is about always having spare cartridges at the ready. The trigger is, as soon as a new one goes in, it’s time to order the next one. That way, there will never be an occasion that we can’t print. I will also be budgeting the £80 so when the time comes to order, I have the greens ready. I did try to save money by buying boot leg cartridges but my printer does not like them and keeps telling me I’m out of ink. I’ve surrendered to only giving it what it wants. The company I buy from is and they offer a recycling service so I can send my spent cartridges back to them for free. They are also cheaper than the high street and post almost next day.

Paper is also required for the printer and that’s something I run out of too and then the kids can’t print their homework. I’ve decided I should also always have a spare pack so when I open a new pack, it means it is time to buy another. I’ve also decided to start getting my printer paper from True Food because they offer an ethically made product.

“I will always have spare printer paper & ink cartridges at the ready. I will recycle the spent ones and ethically source the paper. I will budget £80 for cartridges”







Day 84- LEVEL UP: Create Cleaning Box

When I first introduced my weekly housework routine I struggled to fit it in and complete it every week. But since I created a printed housework task list I have had much more success. It’s easier to do the housework with a to-do list I can tick off. It gives me structure and focus and I simply commit to it until it’s finished. The only thing I still struggle with is the final task which is mopping the wood floors. Twice I have left it uncompleted. I’m considering a steam mop may solve it but that is an expense I can’t afford.

I’ve been using up cleaning products I’ve had around the house for a long time. However, now that I am having success with the housework and I’ve been establishing a routine visiting True Food, it’s time to level-up the cleaning box.

I narrowed down the minimum products I need to complete my weekly housework successfully. I need a duster, lime-scale remover, toilet cleaner, a scourer, cloths,  glass cleaner, a glass cloth and anti-bac.

I went to True Food today and bought some ethical alternatives and the picture below shows my ideal cleaning box. Everything is considerate but I have included Viakal and bleach just incase the others don’t cut it.




Day 82- ETHICAL HAUL: Cleaning Items

Today was my third visit back to True Food and this time my focus was on the Cleaning Products I need. My weekly housework routine is really taking shape and I am even beginning to enjoy it a little bit now. I have several items I use to complete my housework routine and I want to start using more ethical and environmentally friendly products in due course.


BIO Glass Cleaner– This is for my mirrors and polished surfaces. It’s a step up from Mr Muscle.

BIO Toilet Cleaner– I really hope this cuts the mustard

BIO All Purpose Sanitiser– This is my alternative to Dettol or anti-bac. It’s for the shower tray and toilets.

BIO Bathroom Cleaner– I’m really hoping this will be my Viakal substitute.

I also bought these kitchen scourer pads. I’m planning to replace my regular sponges from the supermarket with them.

I think I’m done now with the household stuff and the next visit will start to be all about food.

Day 76- TASK: Complete Microbiome Purifying Kit by Synergy

Tomorrow, on Monday 14th January, I will embark on my diet transition. It will be my first step in transitioning towards a whole-grain, plant-based vegan diet. It is what I consider perfect for the world, perfect for health and perfect for me.

It will start with me following the 21 day microbiome purifying programme by Synergy. My boss has done it and can’t speak highly enough. It’s expensive at around £200 a kit but she bought it for me as my birthday present. I see it as a great way to trigger a diet transition.


The kit contains magnesium, probiotics, vitamins and meal replacement shakes. It claims to detoxify the body and flood the gut with good bacteria. Priming the body to be a place where good bacteria can flourish.

I have to eat pretty healthy when I follow this which will put me in a good position to transition to a plant-based diet.

The next 21 days will look something like this:

1-5 days cutting out sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and carbs and taking magnesium

6-12 days of supplements. A shake for breakfast and lunch, and a healthy high-protein meal.

Day 13-21 Continued healthy eating and supplements

It is on day 13 that I plan to fully commit to a plant-based diet.

I will blog about my experiences on the microbiome purifying programme, and report back with any benefits that I notice, when it ends.



Day 70- LEVEL UP: Shampoo

I have nearly come to the end of my mini shampoo bottles collected from hotel visits. This means I can now level up to my preferred choice. Currently I am switching back to Liz Earle products which I loved when I was using them a couple of years ago. I do have a wish to use greener, more ethical products in the future, but for now I need to focus on products that work and and make me feel good. When I have been on my path to perfection for a year, I can consider focusing on making greener products work for me.

So for now, I’m about to start using Liz Earle’s Botanical Shine Shampoo.