Day 111- NEW HABIT: Spring Spa Visit

NEW HABIT: Budget for a Spring spa visit with treatments & budget for it

Part of my bigger plan is to have 4 spa visits a year. I would like one for my birthday in January, one for my boyfriend’s birthday in April, one in the Summer before a holiday and one in Autumn with my mum and sister. At each visit I would like to have an exfoliating treatment, a massage and a facial. In Spring and Summer I would like a pedicure as well, so I have nice painted nails for sandals.

We like visiting Nirvana Spa in Berkshire. It is one of the nicest day spas in the country. It’s a shame it doesn’t have a hotel. That would really be the icing on the cake.

To have everything I want for the Spring Spa Day I have to budget about ¬£450. Luckily this Christmas I received a Spa day voucher and ¬£100 towards treatments from my boss so I didn’t have to save up so much money. Today I booked our spa visit. The itinerary is really full and exciting.

Start 8:30am


11am- African Baobab Ritual (exfoliation & massage)

12.30pm- Personalised Spa Facial

3:00pm- Vegan Afternoon Tea

6:00pm- J-GELeration Pedicure

7:15pm- Healthy Buffet

We have never had such a full day with so much on offer but planning and budgeting has finally made it possible, and I wish it to be an annual event. I will blog next week about my visit to the Chiropodist. I feel I have to do that before having a professional pedicure. I’m concerned I may have some nail infections.


“I will budget for a Spring Spa Day for my boyfriend’s birthday in April and budget for it and treatments including exfoliation, a massage, a facial and a pedicure”


Day 103- ETHICAL HAUL: Packet Food

Today was my fourth trip to the True Food Cooperative. On my previous trips I have started buying Personal Care, Kitchen Household Items and Cleaning Products. This week I bought any of these items I’ve started using (because I always want back up) and started looking at the Packet Foods I need in my diet. The loose foods like grains and nuts I will probably save for my next visit on 16th March.

Here’s what I bought based on what I will be needing on my plant-based diet:


So I need all these foods for my plant-based diet followed in the book above but the products shown in these pictures are all from a food cooperative who only stock the most ethical brands and are a non-profit organisation. This is the future of grocery shopping if we are to sustain a growing population. I’m gradually moving all my shopping over from the big 5 supermarkets to the local cooperative. I’ll only be left with fresh food that I need to get from the supermarket because that will take more hard work to transition from. I even topped up my toilet roll for the third time and replenished the cleaning products I’ve started to use. Now I have two bottles of everything I can take one empty bottle back to use at the filling station.


Day 95- NEW HABIT: Birthdays

NEW HABIT: Send greetings cards to my nearest and dearest and allocate saved money towards gifts

When I was a teenager, I loved buying cards and gifts for my friends and family. I loved to go to Paperchase and buy beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon etc… to make the present look lovely. As I got older, and busier, and had moments of being short on funds, I stopped enjoying it or would run out of time. Now that I am on the path to perfection and creating many habits that I am completing regularly, I now find the time to consider making sure I get cards to my family on their birthdays.

I started by setting up a goal on Money Box to save up money to buy cards and allocate funds for the birthdays of my immediate family. My sister has 4 kids and they and she have 5 birthdays within 2 months of each other and every year it catches me out unprepared. This year I want it to be different. I thought that I would try MoonPig or Funky Pigeon because these websites send the card out in time for the birthdays you submit. I’ve set up the cards for my sister’s family and my mum & dad. It’s great for a procrastinator like me because now it’s done I can forget about it. My only disappointment is how crap the cards are and how little choice there is. Next year I think I will just order them online, or buy them, and send them myself so I can pick out nice ones and maybe even ethical ones.

“On the 1st of February I will buy all the birthday cards I need for the year and send them to my nearest and dearest. I will budget for the cards and gifts”




Day 82- ETHICAL HAUL: Cleaning Items

Today was my third visit back to True Food and this time my focus was on the Cleaning Products I need. My weekly housework routine is really taking shape and I am even beginning to enjoy it a little bit now. I have several items I use to complete my housework routine and I want to start using more ethical and environmentally friendly products in due course.


BIO Glass Cleaner– This is for my mirrors and polished surfaces. It’s a step up from Mr Muscle.

BIO Toilet Cleaner– I really hope this cuts the mustard

BIO All Purpose Sanitiser– This is my alternative to Dettol or anti-bac. It’s for the shower tray and toilets.

BIO Bathroom Cleaner– I’m really hoping this will be my Viakal substitute.

I also bought these kitchen scourer pads. I’m planning to replace my regular sponges from the supermarket with them.

I think I’m done now with the household stuff and the next visit will start to be all about food.

Day 69- TASK: Disposal of the Christmas Trees

NEW HABIT: Take down Christmas tree and dispose of it immediately on 1st Sunday after New Year.

This is a great example of the extent of my procrastination. The kind of things I don’t do that the majority of people wouldn’t allow to happen. This is the reason I feel so bad about myself.

Last Christmas, I got a real Christmas tree because it was the first time in ten years that I would spend the whole of Christmas week at home without having to go into work. When Christmas was over and I took the Christmas tree down, it dropped all its needles in my living room which is on the first floor of the house. I was left with thousands of sharp needles all over the carpet and down the stairs. When I started the vacuuming, the needles blew up my vacuum cleaner and I had to spend the next 4 hours sweeping the needles out of my carpet. It was a living nightmare. I put the tree into the garden. When the time came for me to take it to the tip, I could not fit it into my car without dropping even more needles. The branches were extremely painful to handle and I had no saw to reduce its size. I gave up. I then had the naked tree lying in my garden for the entire year.

This experience was so unpleasant I decided never to have a tree here again, or at least not on the first floor where I have carpet. But then my parents said they would join me for Christmas so I wouldn’t be alone and suddenly I felt positive and romantic about Christmas and impulsively ordered a tree for this Christmas. I opted for a Nordmann Fir, renowned for its softer needles and minimal drop. Having gone back on my promise not to ever have a tree again, I was adamant that I would not end up with two trees dumped in the garden. So a week ago, I bought a pruning saw from Screwfix and promised I would prune the trees and dispose of them straight away.


When I got to the tip and saw all the Christmas trees piled up, I felt really conflicted. I feel like the right thing to do is not have one again but I don’t like fake ones. I may consider a potted one or maybe one from a sustainable organisation next time. I’m not sure what I will do next year. I want one but I don’t want one. I guess whatever happens next year, I will make a greater ethical choice than I have before, I just don’t know what that choice will be yet.

I’m really proud I got rid of the trees and I didn’t end up with them left in the garden. If I do have a tree again, I promise that when I take it down, I will dispose of it immediately and not procrastinate.

“I will take down the Christmas tree on the list Sunday after New Year and dispose of it immediately”


Day 68- ETHICAL HAUL: Kitchen Household Items

It has been three weeks since my last ethical haul from True Food. That was my first time and I purchased as much of our personal care items as I could. I’ve added lip balm and mouthwash to that list now and will buy it next time I need it.

This week I focused on Kitchen Household Items. IMG_3930.jpegSODASAN REGENERATING SALT– This is to replace the dishwasher salt I put in my dishwasher to stop the hard water causing stains and calcium build up

SODASAN AUTO DISH TABS– This is to replace the dishwasher tablets for cleaning. They did have powder as well but I thought an alternative tab would be a stepping stone. From my previous experiences, I’ve noted that environmentally friendly products don’t always clean as well, so more pre-rinsing may be required on my part to keep them effective and I don’t want to be put off if things fail.

BIO D DISHWASHER RINSE AIDРWhen I got to True Food I found out I needed to bring my own bottles to fill the products in. They have everything on tap from laundry detergent to shampoo. Without bottles, I chose these filled bottles instead and next time will take the bottles back to fill up.



BIO D WASHING UP LIQUID– I had nearly run out of washing up liquid so getting this was about time. Again, with environmentally friendly washing up liquids, they don’t always cut the mustard or last as long. Using them can become frustrating and to succeed, it will involve more rinsing utensils beforehand.

LOOF CO WASHING UP PAD– I was curious with this loofah washing up pad. I do like to use a scrubber at the sink and feel bad about chucking them out when they look bad but this is meant to last for months and is a natural product to dispose of.

ECO LEAF KITCHEN ROLL– I forgot to take a photo but I thought I’d give this a go.


BIO D LAUNDRY DETERGENT– They had bio and non bio detergent in large containers but I decided to just try this non bio small bottle because I have struggled to get results in the past with environmentally friendly alternatives. I’ll see how I get on this time.

BIO D FABRIC CONDITIONER– They actually had a juniper scent and unscented one but I went with lavender because I usually like it so much.

They have a bleaching and stain remover product too but I have my standard ones to use up first.

My next ethical haul will be in two weeks’ time and I think it will be my Vegan Storecupboard ingredients as I transition to a plant-based, vegan diet after my Microbiome Cleanse.



Day 48- ETHICAL HAUL: Personal Care

This post marks the start of my transition from supermarkets to alternative shopping opportunities. I have a wish to improve the sources of the things we need or enjoy. I would like to consider the ethical and environmental consequences of our purchases. I am aware of my hypocrisy however, because I’ve been unwavering about my choice to buy a new iPhone and one day, a new car but I will start where I can and see where it leads.

I wrote about The True Food Community Shop near me a week ago. I decided I would go there every 4 weeks with a stock list and start sourcing more and more of my shopping from there. What I like about this shop is, it is not just about being organic or recycled. It takes into account lots more things like fair-trade, ethical sourcing, animal testing, low carbon footprint etc… It stocks items that are the kindest to the environment and people. You just can’t depend on multi-million supermarkets to really make a difference just because they sell recycled toilet paper or an organic apple. I believe shops like True Food are the way forward to restore shopping to a sustainable pursuit.

The first category I shopped for this weekend was Personal Care. I went to see what they had and what I could use. If they had anything I needed, I bought it. The only things I didn’t was; our toothpaste, bathing items and my skincare products. That is advanced levels for me and I need to be very far down my path to perfection to qualify.


ECOLEAF TOILET PAPER– I have no idea what this paper is like. Recycled paper from supermarkets can often feel thin or weak or powdery but it is time to stop making excuses and lower my standards for the greater good. You can even tell the paper packaging is recycled. You don’t see that in Asda.

NATRACARE TAMPONS– I do have a moon cup that I want to blog about in the future but in the meantime if I use tampons, it will be these. Tampons are a huge nightmare for the environment. I may even dispose of them in the bin to stop polluting our seas.

SIMPLY GENTLE PAPER STEM BUDS– I’ve just run out of my Waitrose pack so perfect timing. I use one a day for my ears after a shower and if applying make up. At the right time, I will consider if I can live without them altogether.

FAITH IN NATURE HAND-MADE SOAP– It’s a big step for me to move away from bottled hand-soap. Even in a recycled plastic bottle it is still unnecessary packaging. At the end of a soap bar there is no evidence it even existed. Shame this one is still in a plastic wrapper. I may level up one day to a piece of soap that is sold with zero packaging. I bought this coconut one to match the family bathroom. I still have bottles in the other bathrooms but when they run out, I will buy more of these.

DESERT ESSENCE DENTAL-TAPE– I bought this but I’m not convinced it’s a better option than the Yaweco floss I’ve been using. I can’t find out what the tape is made of whereas I know the Yaweco one is biodegradable silk and an unbleached. It maybe that in the future I will use other ethical sources to shop from than just True Food.

The one other thing I could get from True Food is Cosmetic Cotton Pads but I already have a lot and only use them to remove make up.

On my next visit to True Food I will consider shopping for laundry products I think.