Day 74- LEVEL UP: Night Time Moisturiser

About a week ago I introduced my facial routine in the evening as well as the morning. It means I’m now using moisturiser twice a day. I had been using up my Dermologica products so now they are getting used up really quickly. I thought now was a good time to level up my evening moisturiser to Liz Earle’s Superskin™ Concentrate for Night treatment oil. I love this stuff. When I used it before my skin was super soft in the morning and it smells so lovely that when you inhale it deeply before an application, it really inspires a sense of calm and readiness for sleep. My hands are a little oily afterwards so the temptation to thumb my phone is seriously unattractive, lol!



Day 71- FITBIT UPDATE: More Water Please

I am comparing last week to the week before Christmas. My steppage has dropped slightly again. It really isn’t going to improve much more until I start introducing some walking or running. I have plans to walk to work soon and to start running from 1st of March. Then I should see the stats start to climb.

The habit I introduced to aid my sleep is starting to work and the average is climbing. I really feel there is little I want to do to increase my steps for now so I will continue to focus on sleep and water. My water consumption has dropped at little even though I’m getting good at drinking a litre a day at work, so I think I should develop it. I have a Brita flask which holds about 0.6 litres and I will start filling it and taking it to bed with me. If I sip on it during the night, and finish it when I wake up, that will bring my daily consumption up to 1.6 litres, more than half way to my daily goal. I just looked up the volume of my bottle and discovered Brita also do a 1 litre bottle. So I found one on eBay for £7.95 and bought it.

NEW HABIT: Drink 0.6 litres (soon to be 1 litre of water) between bed time and first thing in the morning


Last Week

This Week

End Goal





Steps Daily Average



20,000 -25,000

Calories Burned




Active Minutes




6h 6m

6h 44m


Heart Rate Average

69 bpm

65 bpm


Water Consumption

714 ml

429 ml

3000ml a day

“I will fill my litre bottle with water and take it to bed with me”

Day 70- LEVEL UP: Shampoo

I have nearly come to the end of my mini shampoo bottles collected from hotel visits. This means I can now level up to my preferred choice. Currently I am switching back to Liz Earle products which I loved when I was using them a couple of years ago. I do have a wish to use greener, more ethical products in the future, but for now I need to focus on products that work and and make me feel good. When I have been on my path to perfection for a year, I can consider focusing on making greener products work for me.

So for now, I’m about to start using Liz Earle’s Botanical Shine Shampoo.


Day 66 – LEVEL UP: New Spectacles

I blogged about going to have my first sight test in over 10 years. When I got my new spectacles, I was not happy. It seemed like I was now boss-eyed and stuff was vibrating in front of my eyes. I went back and complained. I had a re-test and the results were the same. So we decided to pull back the prescription a little, to help me adjust easier. Finally, I’m happy and wearing them. They said I didn’t need another test for two years. I’m pretty happy with the style, although it was a limited choice.


Day 60- REVIEW: Weekly housework list

A few weeks ago, I created the habit of performing weekly housework chores on a Saturday. It has been one of the few habits I have struggled to deliver on and commit to. When this happens, it is important to review why this is.

I think I have struggled because I didn’t decide what housework I was going to do and what time I was gonna do it. Then there is the problem that sometimes I’m not here on a Saturday or there isn’t much time on a Saturday morning to even start it. I concluded that I need a concise, minimum list, printed out with check boxes, so I have clear parameters to work within. There are 19 chores and I can aim to complete them in whatever time I can afford on a Saturday. If I’m not here on a Saturday, I can schedule the housework in on a Friday, or if I run out of time, I can complete the list on another day.


I will be using this list tomorrow for the first time in the hope it will help give me direction, focus and time management. The process will also help me conclude what cleaning products I need to be the most efficient I can be.

“Now I have created the perfect list I will use it every week”

Day 39- LEVEL UP: iPhone

I’m a lover of the iPhone. I’ve owned a few but have always bought them second hand and I am always a couple of generations away from the most recent. I’m a general user so have never felt the need for the latest and greatest features. I’m also keen on not creating demand by buying a new one.

My iPhone 6 has been showing signs of age for a while, and for the first time I really found myself in a quandary about what choice I wanted to make next. Part of me wants to continue buying second hand phones for the ethical reasons I’ve just given, but the downside of that is I have to have £250-£300 saved up and I’m only ever guaranteed the phone working for 2 years before I find myself in the same position again.

Now that I use my phone a lot more for work, I’ve considered a newer version but they are expensive. However, the Apple Upgrade Programme offers me the opportunity to get a new phone with Apple Care and I can spread the payments over 20 months. It’s not dissimilar to what I want to do with the car too.

I am very conflicted with the ethical and environmental impact of consuming a new product every few years but I’m going to justify it because of all the other aspects of my life I’m trying to improve. The car and phone might be the last ethical decision I ever make.

From now, I will just trust in the upgrade programme, budget for the monthly cost and decide whether to upgrade, as and when.

I chose the (Product) Red iPhone to ease my conscience just a little. It contributes to U2’s Red charity for beating AIDS.

Day 35- LEVEL UP: Electric Toothbrush

NEW HABIT: Brush my teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day

This is day 29 on my path to perfection so it nearly marks a month since I began and the 28 days they claim it takes to cement a habit. Yesterday I kicked off my evening beauty regimen with flossing, so brushing my teeth at night is the next to follow. I have been very lazy with brushing my teeth at night. The morning is easier because I want to get rid of that sleepy mouth and possible bad breath. In the evening, it is so tempting not to bother.

I already have brushing my teeth established as a morning habit but today I’m levelling up by committing to the programmed 2 minutes set on the electric toothbrush, not just a 30 seconds whizz. There is another important habit associated with this one, and that is remembering to change the head when required. So many times I have not had a replacement, so have continued using an old one or reverted back to manual.

So I will buy extra heads and schedule it in the diary to change them every 2 months. And when I take the last head, it’s a trigger to buy more. Instead of putting it in my diary to change the head, I will use my 2-monthly spring cleans to be the trigger. My spring cleans are already set in the diary for the entire year of 2019.

Part of me wants to brush my teeth with a recycled bamboo toothbrush and ethically-made fluoride/SLS free toothpaste. (I’m also bothered by the plastic used in the electric disposable heads.) But I’ve tried and failed so many times because I’m not filled with confidence that they are doing a good job. I’m now arriving at the belief that extreme standards such as these can only be supported by a very healthy lifestyle. Like one without sugar. As long as I’m consuming sugar in the quantities I am, I feel I need a powerful toothbrush and toothpaste. The high standards can wait.

“I will brush my teeth twice a day for 2 minutes with my electric toothbrush”