Day 111- NEW HABIT: Spring Spa Visit

NEW HABIT: Budget for a Spring spa visit with treatments & budget for it

Part of my bigger plan is to have 4 spa visits a year. I would like one for my birthday in January, one for my boyfriend’s birthday in April, one in the Summer before a holiday and one in Autumn with my mum and sister. At each visit I would like to have an exfoliating treatment, a massage and a facial. In Spring and Summer I would like a pedicure as well, so I have nice painted nails for sandals.

We like visiting Nirvana Spa in Berkshire. It is one of the nicest day spas in the country. It’s a shame it doesn’t have a hotel. That would really be the icing on the cake.

To have everything I want for the Spring Spa Day I have to budget about £450. Luckily this Christmas I received a Spa day voucher and £100 towards treatments from my boss so I didn’t have to save up so much money. Today I booked our spa visit. The itinerary is really full and exciting.

Start 8:30am


11am- African Baobab Ritual (exfoliation & massage)

12.30pm- Personalised Spa Facial

3:00pm- Vegan Afternoon Tea

6:00pm- J-GELeration Pedicure

7:15pm- Healthy Buffet

We have never had such a full day with so much on offer but planning and budgeting has finally made it possible, and I wish it to be an annual event. I will blog next week about my visit to the Chiropodist. I feel I have to do that before having a professional pedicure. I’m concerned I may have some nail infections.


“I will budget for a Spring Spa Day for my boyfriend’s birthday in April and budget for it and treatments including exfoliation, a massage, a facial and a pedicure”


Day 102- NEW HABIT: The Printer

NEW HABIT: Always have paper and cartridges for the printer and budget for it

Using a printer can be quite a costly affair especially when one does not budget for the expensive ink cartridges. At around £80 a pop, it always comes as a nasty surprise when I have to replace a spent one. Also, I never have one ready when it runs out so there are occasions when important documents can’t be printed in time. This new habit is about always having spare cartridges at the ready. The trigger is, as soon as a new one goes in, it’s time to order the next one. That way, there will never be an occasion that we can’t print. I will also be budgeting the £80 so when the time comes to order, I have the greens ready. I did try to save money by buying boot leg cartridges but my printer does not like them and keeps telling me I’m out of ink. I’ve surrendered to only giving it what it wants. The company I buy from is and they offer a recycling service so I can send my spent cartridges back to them for free. They are also cheaper than the high street and post almost next day.

Paper is also required for the printer and that’s something I run out of too and then the kids can’t print their homework. I’ve decided I should also always have a spare pack so when I open a new pack, it means it is time to buy another. I’ve also decided to start getting my printer paper from True Food because they offer an ethically made product.

“I will always have spare printer paper & ink cartridges at the ready. I will recycle the spent ones and ethically source the paper. I will budget £80 for cartridges”







Day 95- NEW HABIT: Birthdays

NEW HABIT: Send greetings cards to my nearest and dearest and allocate saved money towards gifts

When I was a teenager, I loved buying cards and gifts for my friends and family. I loved to go to Paperchase and buy beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon etc… to make the present look lovely. As I got older, and busier, and had moments of being short on funds, I stopped enjoying it or would run out of time. Now that I am on the path to perfection and creating many habits that I am completing regularly, I now find the time to consider making sure I get cards to my family on their birthdays.

I started by setting up a goal on Money Box to save up money to buy cards and allocate funds for the birthdays of my immediate family. My sister has 4 kids and they and she have 5 birthdays within 2 months of each other and every year it catches me out unprepared. This year I want it to be different. I thought that I would try MoonPig or Funky Pigeon because these websites send the card out in time for the birthdays you submit. I’ve set up the cards for my sister’s family and my mum & dad. It’s great for a procrastinator like me because now it’s done I can forget about it. My only disappointment is how crap the cards are and how little choice there is. Next year I think I will just order them online, or buy them, and send them myself so I can pick out nice ones and maybe even ethical ones.

“On the 1st of February I will buy all the birthday cards I need for the year and send them to my nearest and dearest. I will budget for the cards and gifts”




Day 89- BUDGET: Pots and Pans

Every year or two, I find my frying pans and chopping board become damaged and worn. I don’t like using non-stick frying pans when the surface is so scratched it can leach metals into the food. I don’t like using chopping boards when they are warped or blackened. It usually comes to a point when I just have to replace them but they are so expensive if I want something that is going to last. I’ve decided to budget £100 a year to replace my frying pans, oven trays or chopping boards if I feel I need to.


Day 83- NEW HABIT: The Houseplants

NEW HABIT: Check water levels everyday & water once a week.

NEW HABIT: Re-pot every 6 months, Spring & Autumn.

NEW HABIT: Feed every 2 weeks

NEW HABIT: Budget £50 every 6 months for new compost, plants and pots

I spent about £100 on houseplants and pots at Ikea a year ago to liven up my living room and inject some oxygen and nature into my environment.

I have struggled to look after them. I lost the Aloe Vera plants very quickly. And the ivy started to survive only when I put it in the kitchen. There are a couple of spikey plants that have thrived and don’t seem to mind not being watered but my large plants are suffering. They either dry out and turn brown and flag, so I water them more, and then they rot at the root, wither and die. I’ve learned that different plants need different care, so I have to get to know their individual needs. I’ve learned that too much water around the roots can rot them, so I have to be really careful how much I water them. Maybe less frequently? I think I will put a water container outside to collect rainwater to water the plants because I’ve read it’s beneficial to them.

So today I’m going to review my plants and buy new pots and re-pot them if necessary. I may find new locations for them around the house and henceforth, I will introduce the new habits which should help them thrive more.

“I will check the condition of my houseplants everyday. I will give them a proper water once a week. Every two weeks, I”l drop some feed into the water. Every six months I will re-pot them if needed. I will budget £50 every six months to fund new compost, plants and pots”

I bought a couple of new pots and plants from Ikea today and re-organised my houseplants. Unfortunately, a couple of them had to be thrown away. Here are pictures of the newly potted plants and their new locations.









Day 81- HABIT BREAK: Paypal

HABIT BREAK: Stop withdrawing my PayPal funds and let them pay for eBay purchases

I’m trying to sort my finances out because it appears I’m over-spending and my monthly debts are mounting up. I budget the best I can but the purchases I make by PayPal always take me by surprise. I keep withdrawing funds from my PayPal so if I buy anything on eBay, it takes the money from my bank account 2 weeks later when I’m not expecting it. Now I am trying to level up all my cosmetics with Liz Earle, I buy a lot of this stuff with PayPal. I figured that if I stop withdrawing my PayPal funds and leave any eBay profits alone, I can fund my Liz Earle products without it affecting my bank balance.

“I will not withdraw my PayPal funds but use them to pay for purchases instead”



Day 80- BUDGET: Haircut

NEW HABIT: Budget for a haircut every 12 weeks

Firstly, I grew out all the bleach in my hair so now I have my natural colour. Since then, I have been growing it long. It’s getting to how I want it to be but there are several inches still to go. I also want to have a nice hairstyle to go to work with. At the moment, I just leave it long and straggly which isn’t ideal for my job role.

My hairdresser comes to my house to cut my hair. I’m changing the regularity from every 10 weeks to every 12 weeks to save money. I’m also now budgeting £40 for it every 12 weeks.

“I will have my haircut every 12 weeks and budget £40 to pay for it”


“I will budget £40 towards a haircut every 12 weeks”