Day 79- NEW HABIT: Cleaning the Car

NEW HABIT: Clean and vacuum the car every four weeks

NEW HABIT: Valet car every 26 weeks and budget £30 for it

Cleaning the car is something I’ve always procrastinated about. If I can’t keep my house clean, what makes you think I can keep my car clean? It gets so bad, with rubbish everywhere, food wrappers, car parking tickets etc… I had a leak not long ago so even mould has been growing on the carpet. All my seats are stained so I regret not buying nice seat covers from the beginning. If I ever get around to upgrading my car, habits will have to change.

I spontaneously decided to pay to have my car cleaned last Wednesday. We have a valet at work and I took advantage of him being there and offered him £30 for the best clean I can get with that. I know he did a good job and probably did more than he should have. Now the car is all nice and clean, I don’t want to let it get as bad again. I need to make cleaning the car a habit. It’s quite cold still and I’m reluctant to commit to cleaning it myself. I’m going to try and vacuum and clean the outside every 4 weeks. If I don’t manage it myself, I will promise to take it to a carwash. I think I should ask the valet to do one of his thorough cleans twice a year.

“I will make sure the car is cleaned and vacuumed every 4 weeks and ensure car is scheduled for a valet clean every six months and budget for it”




Day 77- BUDGET: My Work Uniform

NEW HABIT: Budget £100 a year to pay for new work uniform

I wear a uniform to work. I charge my new tunics to my boss but every now and then I need new shoes and trousers which I pay for myself. Procrastination sometimes means I go for months in tatty shoes, or trousers with white knees, undone hems or broken zips. I’ve always seen September as a new start. I guess it derives from the academic year when we get new clothes for school. To prevent me from being tatty, I really should review my uniform every year and make sure I’m the smartest I can be. I really regret the last pair of shoes I bought because I bought them online and they are too big. I won’t be making that mistake again. I do like to splash out on really good work shoes, like Skechers or FitFlops. I’m on my feet all day. I can get my trousers really cheaply from Matalan or Asda. I am going to budget £100 a year so that I can buy new shoes and trousers every September if I think I need to.

“I will budget £100 a year to pay for new trousers and shoes for work around September time”






Day 75- NEW HABIT: My Birthday Break

NEW HABIT: Budget for a Birthday getaway every year

Yesterday was my birthday and last year, and for this year, I have taken a few days off work and spent it with my boyfriend at a hotel. What I like about it is, he still goes to work, so I get a couple of days alone at the hotel during the day. Then in the evenings or at the weekend we do nice things like eat out and go to the cinema. It is easy to spend a lot of money so I would like to save money up throughout the year so that I can book something nice for my birthday. If I could save enough I could book a really nice spa hotel for a few days or go away or just stay in a nicer hotel.

“I will budget £1000 a year toward a Birthday getaway in January”





Day 73- BUDGET: Car Breakdown Cover

NEW HABIT: Budget £200  to pay for car breakdown cover every 2 years

I recently created a budget for my annual car costs but it does not include breakdown cover. That is every two years. I’ve been so unaware of it in the past, one year the money was removed from my bank account and I had no idea who it was and what it was for. A little investigation and I figured out it was the AA. I don’t want to be caught out like that again so if I budget for it, the money will already be saved for it.

“I will budget £200 to cover the cost of my car breakdown cover every two years”



Day 72- BUDGET: My WordPress Plan

NEW HABIT: Budget £75 towards costs to have a annual WordPress plan

I love my blog and believe it is the key to my success. It’s mentally and emotionally therapeutic for me to talk about each new habit and verbally commit to it. It becomes hard to not keep going because I feel like I owe it to the blog. I don’t really mind if no one reads it. Its main role is to be a journal of some sorts, to inevitably be an account of my success when I can look back on how I beat my lifelong procrastination. I blogged before, during my first test-drive on the path to perfection and had amazing success. I think I introduced new habits for about 4 months. It did fold eventually and I can’t really recall why but I do remember that I was a little rigid and introduced certain habits that I wasn’t quite ready for. I even deleted it after months of a return to procrastination. It got to the point where I couldn’t fix my problem again without erasing the blog’s existence. This time, I’m choosing the habit of the day based on what is presenting itself as the most important or the most pressing. There really is no point trying to do habits everyday that feel futile.

My blog is important and I want it to have a decent domain name and to be advert-free, to increase my chances of it being followed and if it did become successful, then at least it seems somewhat professional.

I don’t really understand the plans you can purchase and they’ve been going on about changes that are coming up. When the annual subscription arrives, the expense is always a little unwelcoming. I figure that if I budget £75 a year for it, when the times does come, I am ready for it.

“I will budget £75 to pay for a blog plan that keeps me advert free and with a good domain”


Day 63- BUDGET: Spring Break

NEW HABIT: Budget for a Spring Break

Every year, I would love to get away for a weekend in Spring or Easter or on the May Bank Holidays. I don’t mind which. On the path to perfection I am budgeting for everything I want so that when the time comes, I can afford to pay for the treat and not worry about getting into debt for it or restrict the joy because money’s tight.

I want to save about £1000 so that I can have a glorious 3 days somewhere, no expense spared. I suspect that I don’t have the income to save so much especially with all the other savings I want to make but I’m going to aim for it. Maybe one day, when the path to perfection is an easy road and all habits are in place, it will be easy for me to save that kind of money just for a Spring Break somewhere.

The plan is that I have one year to save for it and on, or just after the 1st of January 2020, I can plan it and make a booking. If I manage to save anything at all, that will be my budget.

“I will budget £1000 towards a Spring break every year and think about booking it around 1st of January”







Day 62- BUDGET: Carpet & Fabric Cleaning

NEW HABIT: Budget for annual carpet cleaning

With Christmas, I’ve blogged about how I’m now using an app called Money Box to save up for things I want or need. In the past, I haven’t been able to afford them because when the time comes, I haven’t budgeted for them. With Money Box, I can save money every week towards the total I will need to buy what I want. The next thing I need to save for is having my carpets cleaned every year. I can never justify the expense when I don’t budget for it but if I put a little something away every week maybe every Christmas I can get them cleaned? It’s nice to know it’s being done and it prevents the carpets getting really blackened over time and stains setting in. This also goes for my fabric sofa too. I’m hoping £200 will cover it. For now, I will probably just get the stairs’ carpet cleaned because I don’t think it can wait a year.

“I will budget £200 towards cleaning the carpets and sofa every year before Christmas”