Week 8- WEIGH-IN

Even though I have done nothing out of the ordinary to obtain a weight loss this week, I’ve still weighed myself and lost a little.


Thankfully, the consequences of Christmas appear to have started to dissipate. I have one week left before I embark on my Microbiome Gut Cleanse and when that is complete I will transition to a plant-based, vegan diet until the 31st December 2019.

However, I’m still heavier than when I started trying to lose weight.







Week 7- WEIGH-IN

Last week was Christmas week. It was never going to be easy. I did eat a lot but no more than is expected at this time of year. In fact, I’m finding that I cannot put away as much as I use to be able to.


As you can see, I have gained enough weight this week to be heavier than when I started 7 weeks ago yet my body fat percentage has still gone down a tiny tad more. I think this probably means I’m just bloated and heavy from the quantity of food. However, I’ve being thinking an awful lot about the changes I have made and the very little impact it has had on my weight-loss. I’m just fooling myself to think I can lose weight from eating meals and cooking from scratch. Whatever I do, I must end up eating the same amount of calories and maintain this weight of 30 pounds over. In a couple of weeks, I will do the Synergy Microbiome Purifying Programme and I have been planning what healthy foods I will eat when I’m on it. I keep coming back to justifying meat or some dairy etc, but simultaneously conclude that a plant-based, vegan diet is the only way to eat to assure optimum health. I’ve been going back and forth for so long, trying to cheat my way to keep tasty things included but doing so means optimum health is compromised or delayed. I think it’s time to bite the bullet and commit to an organic, plant-based, vegan diet when I start my programme, and for the indefinite future, until I’m in a place where I can safely make any new decisions. Right here, right now I’m going to commit from the 14th January for 1 year and blog about it. I’m doing it for weight-loss, I’m doing it for beauty and I’m doing it for health. I need to find out if this diet can heal all my symptoms of dis-ease. So I’m not going to blog about my weight-loss until I start my programme on the 14th January.



Week 6- WEIGH-IN

Last week, I created the habit of not eating between meals. Because of the time of year, Christmas and chaos, it has proved difficult.

As you can see, my weight and body fat percentage haven’t changed one bit. Everything is exactly the same as last week. Considering last week was the lead up to Christmas, I’d say that’s pretty good going and something to be proud of.

Next week is Christmas week and I would never again put myself under the pressure of trying to lose weight during the most tempting week of the year. However, I would like to apply damage limitation, so this week I promise to only eat until I’m comfortably full. No bingeing, no-overeating, no eating until I feel uncomfortable or sick. From now on I’m gonna say a little food prayer before every meal and engage brain with stomach.



Week 5- WEIGH-IN

So, the last two weeks the only change I made was looking forward to a pre-bought, small bar of chocolate and a cup of tea after work, instead of buying any treat I want, whenever I want. I could feel after a week my trousers were starting to fall down and I had to roll up the waistband. I had a good feeling I may have lost another bit of weight.

I’m really chuffed to have lost another half a pound. And I’m now below the 40% fat mark. I feel I’m on a roll, even though the changes are very slight and slow. I want to make a change again this week to keep losing weight but it’s getting tricky now because there is nothing left I can easily change or give up without feeling challenged. It’s also the week before Christmas which presents all kinds of temptations.

I think what I will do, to try and continue a weight loss this week, is have porridge for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, my chocolate after work and a considerate portion of home-made dinner. I’ve been very relaxed about what I eat between meals to prevent me from feeling deprived but I think it’s time to stop the snacking, as long as I can look forward to that one chocolate treat and eat anything I like at the weekends still.


Week 3- WEIGH-IN

Last week, I was chuffed to have lost a whole pound in 2 weeks just by making sure I had breakfast, a packed lunch and a home-made dinner. This week, I didn’t change much, except reducing the amount of sugar in my porridge and the amount of mayonnaise and cheese in my sandwiches. I really thought it would not be enough to make a difference but half way through the week, I could feel my waistband shrinking slightly.








This week I lost about 1/2 a pound and my body fat percentage decreased ever so slightly.  I’m delighted because I had reservations that anything would be lost. I think a tiny 1/2 a pound every week would contribute to long term success.

So I would like to continue like this and see another little bit come off next week. But I think if I did the same as this week, not a lot would change. So in addition to last week’s changes, I’m also going to control my sweet treat cravings by having one small chocolate bar with a cup of tea after work. Currently, I choose and buy all sorts of treats because of cravings after work. I’d like to control it a bit more and have it be something I can look forward to, rather than keep it as a reactive compulsion. I will also try to resist the biscuits at work and see if these two changes create a weight-loss next week.



Week 2- WEIGH-IN

Two weeks ago, I decided to create the habit of weighing in only once a week, instead of everyday. When I  got on the scales, I weighed 163.6 lbs and had a body fat percentage of 38.7%. This is a figure I’ve been hanging around at for over a year, my heaviest is about 169 lbs. I really want to initially lose about 30 lbs to bring me into a region that I will feel much more comfortable in. I have waited 2 weeks for my first weigh-in because I wanted to see if anything positive would happen if I just ate a breakfast; a packed lunch; a home cooked meal; snacks when I felt like it and anything I like at the weekends. Having porridge for breakfast and taking a packed lunch felt like a healthy move forward. The home cooked meals have been roast chicken and veg, fish and veg, tofu stir-fry and couscous stuffed peppers with haloumi, onion and mushroom. I’ve been having whatever snacks I want but can honestly say the meals have helped me reduce that amount, and I haven’t binged once. So whilst I haven’t actually dieted,  I would have thought that the diet I have had, would have caused some weight-loss.

Today I weigh 162.3 lbs and have a body fat percentage of 40.4 lbs

I’m delighted to have lost just over a pound. I can accept only half a pound a week loss if I’m only making tiny changes. I’m more likely to have success and endure the whole process that way. But I am really shocked that my body fat percentage has gone up so much. I haven’t been 40% for a year. I may have to put it down to the cheese in my sandwiches. Whatever happens, I just want to continue losing weight. So the changes I’m gonna make this week are: only one teaspoon of sugar in my porridge, only cheese in my sandwiches twice a week, and cut thinly, and I’m gonna be just a little bit more mindful of everything I prepare and dish up.

Day 11- NEW HABITS: Saturday Mornings & Weigh-ins

NEW HABIT: Get up at 8am on Saturdays when at home

NEW HABIT: Weigh-in after waking up every week

Tomorrow is the first habit I’m creating for a non-work/week day. Week days are very different from weekends so their habits must be tailored to fit. It’s very tempting on weekends to abandon all routine and regimen. Sleep in longer, make poor food choices, stay up late. Before you know it, the weekend has passed and the house is a mess. Another working week ahead means no chance to fix it, and the nightmare repeats. I’m all for a lazy morning and no housework but it shouldn’t be every weekend. It should be reserved for hotel trips and holidays or the odd treat on a day off. If I want to achieve my perfection, I need to fit in all the things I need to do to achieve it.

I’ve chosen to get up at 8am on Saturdays. At least I get an hour lay in but mostly it’s to allow me to take part in Park Run at 9am when I’m ready to. I’m not ready yet but at least I will be set up to in the future.

The first thing I want to do when I wake is weigh myself, and only weigh myself once a week on Saturdays. Daily weigh-ins can be a little depressing and counter-productive. I would also like to get a clear record of what effect the changes I make have on my weight without me conscientiously trying to lose weight. Weekends are the most likely time my habits will get compromised, I can end up losing momentum, and the path gets easily abandoned. It’s helpful for me to look several weekends ahead and see when these Saturday habits might get challenged and then decide now how I will deal with that. I can see two weekends before Christmas I can’t weigh myself in the morning so I’ve decided now to let them go.

“I will get up at 8am on Saturdays that I am home. I will only weigh myself every Saturday after I get up”