Day 108- NEW HABIT: Flexibility

NEW HABIT: Go to 5 yoga & pilates classes every week at the gym

I joined the gym two weeks ago and have done something there nearly everyday. They have classes there too so I have been trying out different ones to see what I like and can fit in. I’ve tried yoga, pilates, stretch & tone, Buti yoga and spinning. I particularly like the yoga and pilates so I want to make them my first gym habits I’ll commit to. There is 2 yoga and 2 pilates classes and a Buti yoga session. If I attend them all, it means I’m doing yoga & pilates 5 days a week. I swear this week I have done 50 or more downward facing dogs.


When I have fantasised about having exercise in my life, I’ve always imagined a balance or cardio, strength building and flexibility. The 5 classes I now attend tick the flexibility box very nicely. My yoga efforts now have been the worse I’ve ever seen them because I’m older and haven’t done it for a long time but I can already feel my balance and flexibility is improving in two weeks. With 5 classes a week, I could get really good which I’ve never achieved before.

Buti yoga is a more energetic yoga, almost like dance moves. Pilates is very much focused on engaging weak muscles. Yoga is about holding and perfecting different positions.

I like these classes so much and believe I can become accomplished. I’m already fantasising about buying nice outfits for these classes but I have to lose weight before I spend money on new clothes.

I plan to blog about my cardio and strength training habits soon. They will compliment the flexibility habits when I’ve decided what they will be.

“I will attend all 5 yoga & pilates classes every week at the gym whenever possible”



Day 98- NEW HABIT: The Gym

NEW HABIT: Try to go to the gym twice a day on weekdays for 3 months

The good news that my job role is to develop into something more professional from the 1st April means I am more inspired than I have been for a very long time. I want to dress more professionally for the role and feel good about myself. It has inspired me to join the gym because we have a new one recently opened right between my home and work. My sons go to it and my eldest son has been saying for a while that he could easily train me to lose weight and gain muscle if we went together. Impulsively, I went to the gym after work on Friday and signed up for 3 months. Thats two months before my role starts and one month after. I should think with commitment I can lose the 30+ surplus pounds I’m carrying around. 10 pounds a month is totally doable. I have joined an Anytime Fitness gym. It’s about £40 a month and you can only join for 3 months if you pay it all up front.

The gym is really nice with lots of stuff available. I’m chuffed that the showers are like individual bathrooms so I can lock the door and get on with my beauty regimen. Fingers crossed they are not too popular and busy. There are also a variety of classes I can attend, included in the price. I’m excited because there are lots I’m interested in, like variations of yoga. I can book the day before. There are even classes at 6am and I’m sure if I get addicted I would attend them, use the gym and then go to work.

I want to make the gym part of my daily routine once or twice a day so I have had to review all my habits and their timings for the entire day. Here is my revised plan for my daily weekday habits.

0645 hrs- Get up & put on gym wear

0650 hrs- Make bed

0655 hrs- Dental routine

0700 hrs- Finish packing for work

0705 hrs- Do any washing up

0715 hrs- Go to gym

0730 hrs- Gym session

0830 hrs- Shower & beauty regimen

0900 hrs- Breakfast at work

1600 hrs- Return home

1615 hrs- Change into gym wear

1620 hrs- Put laundry on

1625 hrs- Prep dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast & lunch, and have snack

Blog post

1800-2100 hrs- Gym classes

After gym:


Head to bed routine

Beauty regimen

Pack for tomorrow

Netflix for one hour

Go to sleep

“I will aim to visit the gym at least once in the morning and once in the evening on weekdays for 3 months and then review”





Day 93- LEVEL UP: My Job

I had some really good news today which is going to really affect my lifestyle and its habits. My position at work will formally change from Housekeeper to Private Household Manager, at my request. My hours will increase to 8:30am-4:30pm and my salary will increase also. I am likely to improve my uniform to a formal suit rather than a cleaning tunic and take on a smarter, more professional appearance. This is from 1st April and all these changes are really going to influence and inspire me. They make me want to be slim and fit so I can look good in my new uniform. More money means I can make more dreams come true. I can honestly say this change is going to majorly influence any forthcoming habits and I am very excited.

Day 72- BUDGET: My WordPress Plan

NEW HABIT: Budget £75 towards costs to have a annual WordPress plan

I love my blog and believe it is the key to my success. It’s mentally and emotionally therapeutic for me to talk about each new habit and verbally commit to it. It becomes hard to not keep going because I feel like I owe it to the blog. I don’t really mind if no one reads it. Its main role is to be a journal of some sorts, to inevitably be an account of my success when I can look back on how I beat my lifelong procrastination. I blogged before, during my first test-drive on the path to perfection and had amazing success. I think I introduced new habits for about 4 months. It did fold eventually and I can’t really recall why but I do remember that I was a little rigid and introduced certain habits that I wasn’t quite ready for. I even deleted it after months of a return to procrastination. It got to the point where I couldn’t fix my problem again without erasing the blog’s existence. This time, I’m choosing the habit of the day based on what is presenting itself as the most important or the most pressing. There really is no point trying to do habits everyday that feel futile.

My blog is important and I want it to have a decent domain name and to be advert-free, to increase my chances of it being followed and if it did become successful, then at least it seems somewhat professional.

I don’t really understand the plans you can purchase and they’ve been going on about changes that are coming up. When the annual subscription arrives, the expense is always a little unwelcoming. I figure that if I budget £75 a year for it, when the times does come, I am ready for it.

“I will budget £75 to pay for a blog plan that keeps me advert free and with a good domain”


Day 67- NEW HABIT: Daily Blog Post

NEW HABIT: Post a blog update every evening

I can’t believe I’m nearly sixty days into my commitment to follow the path to perfection. I feel like I’m really getting into the swing of it and there is so much to look forward to. If I keep going I will end up creating habits that really make a difference to my life.

Before I move on to the next habit or task I must get this obvious habit out the way now that I’ve found my rhythm.

I like to post once a day about a new habit, a habit break, a task, an update or when I level up. The evening is the opportunity and eventually I think I’ll make it an after dinner habit. For now, I commit to posting once a day as long as there is the opportunity to.

Saturday is an exception because there is sometimes an extra post about my weigh-in from that morning.

“I will put a post on my blog everyday at about 7pm”