Day 101- NEW HABIT: Exfoliation

NEW HABIT: Exfoliate my face on bath nights

A couple of weeks ago I introduced bath night on Sundays. I have had a bath on Sundays for two weeks in a row. As a foundation, I have simply run a warm bath with bath foam and dead sea salts, lit a candle and soaked for 30 minutes. It has been a great way to wind down and take some time out. But bath nights are intended for more than just that. I will be slowly introducing habits to go with bath time. The first thing I do is wash my face with my usual facial wash. Following that I will be introducing the habit of exfoliating my face. This is the opportunity to slough away dead skin and deep clean my pores. I want to use Liz Earle’s exfoliator going forward. I have an old bottle of it to finish up and a Dermalogica equivalent to use too.

“I will exfoliate after washing my face on Sunday bath nights”




Day 74- LEVEL UP: Night Time Moisturiser

About a week ago I introduced my facial routine in the evening as well as the morning. It means I’m now using moisturiser twice a day. I had been using up my Dermologica products so now they are getting used up really quickly. I thought now was a good time to level up my evening moisturiser to Liz Earle’s Superskin™ Concentrate for Night treatment oil. I love this stuff. When I used it before my skin was super soft in the morning and it smells so lovely that when you inhale it deeply before an application, it really inspires a sense of calm and readiness for sleep. My hands are a little oily afterwards so the temptation to thumb my phone is seriously unattractive, lol!



Day 61- NEW HABIT: The Evening Facial

NEW HABIT: Start my evening facial regimen

I have created all my morning habits for the time being and I am generally good at completing them regularly. My dental habits are all I’ve created in the evening so it’s really time to now develop my evening beauty regimen. I head to bed at 9pm and start with flossing, brushing my teeth and using my mouthwash. From tomorrow evening, I will commence next with evening facial. It is exactly the same as what I do in the morning but now this means I will be going to bed with a nicely washed and moisturised face.

I’m still using up my Dermologica products before I convert back to my favourite, Liz Earle.

“As part of my evening routine I will commence with my facial regimen after brushing my teeth”


Day 22- NEW HABIT: The Morning Facial

NEW HABIT: Start my morning facial regimen

This habit is the final part of my morning routine and start of my morning beauty regimen. For now, I won’t be introducing any more habits or levelling them up in the mornings. I really need to spend some time on the other parts of the day and the housework.

So after my shower and brushing my teeth, I want to wash my face. I want to start using Liz Earle products again because I had such success with them before, but unfortunately I have Dermalogica products left from when I was seeing a Dermalogica therapist. I have to use them up because it’s such a waste of money otherwise, and I’m short on money to get everything I want in one go. I will be washing my face again at the sink rather than in the shower because I think I do a better job that way. I will be using my Dermalogica facial cleanser, followed by toner, moisturiser and eye serum. The only other Dermalogica product I’ll have left is some exfoliator which I will include when I introduce the bath routines again.

“I will start my beauty regimen with cleansing, toning, eye serum, spot cream and moisturiser”

The Dermalogica products I have to use up before levelling up





Day 14- NEW HABIT: Shower Time

NEW HABIT: Kick off a morning beauty regimen with a shower every work day

After doing the washing up in the morning, it’s time for me to go upstairs and get ready for work. Just over a week ago I use to stay in bed until 10 minutes before I had to leave and would have the quickest shower every couple of days. Those days are over. I’m already up and about much sooner than I was. When I go upstairs I need to start my beauty regimen again. When I’ve done this in the past, it has had such positive effect on my appearance, my confidence and on my mental health. I’m gonna kick off my morning beauty regimen with a shower every work day, regardless. Before I perfect my products I will use up all the shower gel bottles I have lying around.

“Ever work day I will begin my beauty regimen with a shower”