MY EXPERIENCE: The Mircobiome Purifying Programme by Synergy

This is the account of my experience completing the Microbiome Purifying Programme by Synergy.

I currently weigh around 165 lbs. I’m often tired and suffer regularly from sinus pain. I’m prone to acne breakouts especially at the back of my neck.

Day 1: For the next 5 days I am required to start taking the magnesium tablets, 2 a day,  and cut down on sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy and processed foods. The diet I have planned for these five days is very healthy. I’ve planned a plant-based protein shake, or porridge, made with fruits and hemp milk for breakfast. Salad and protein like fish or chicken for lunch. Protein, vegetables and brown rice or potatoes for dinner. I also have almonds, apple and satsuma for snacks.

I’m having an okay day, eating the foods I’ve planned to. But I’m having trouble with cravings. I’ve eaten 2 biscuits, a few crisps, a cream cake and a cup of tea. I’ve got 5 days to wind it down and prime myself for shake week. I’m hoping the magnesium tablets will conquer the anxiety and cravings it promises to. Tomorrow, I will try and have at least half the amount of crap I ate today. I might even go to bed early tomorrow to help avoid temptations.

Day 2: Today was much better for the most part. I had a chronic headache half way through the day which felt like a combination of sinus pain and caffeine withdrawal. But my food cravings were much more tolerable than yesterday. It didn’t stop me pigging out on some Emmental on toast and a few chocolate cookies but on the whole it was more manageable. Tomorrow I am aiming for no caffeine and no giving in to cravings. I’m aiming for 100% the right food. These 5 days are about cutting down and priming the body so continuing to include these bad foods is not beneficial to the cleanse.

Day 3: Today has been the easiest so far. I got a grip on my cravings and went the whole day without a deviation. I slept terribly the night before possibly due to Synergy’s caffeine alternative, E9. I just couldn’t fall asleep to past 3am. Now I’m over half way through the priming phase I can’t wait to start the shakes and find out what everyone is raving on about.

Day 4: Getting a bit fed up with this part of the plan and my boring dinners. I’m excited to start the shake week because I’m dying to find out what I will experience. I had another bad headache today but hard to tell if it was caffeine withdrawal or sinuses. On the whole, a good day with very little temptation.

Day 5: I’m so happy to have reached the end of this part of the journey. I battled some temptations and withdrawal headaches but now I’m just eager to start the next stage. From tomorrow I will be taking several supplements; probiotics, pre-biotics and a protein shake for breakfast and lunch. All of this should flood my body with good bacteria and vitamins and I should start feeling the promised benefits. I’ll be having a healthy protein dinner and the shakes for 7 days. At the end of that I plan to follow a plant-based vegan diet.

Day 6: Today was the first day of shake week. That means I have taken lots of probiotics and supplements today. They don’t taste as bad as people say. I expected to experience some digestion sensations but really I haven’t. In fact, if anything, I think I may be constipated even though I’m drinking lots of water. I’m not adhering completely to the diet and allowing some naughty things but I’m comfortable with my choices and still think I’ll see results.

Day 7: Day 2 of the shakes and I’m not noticing much happening. I have constipation, probably from the protein shakes. I’ve done many strict diets and I usually can feel the health entering and manipulating my body but with this regimen I feel nothing. I’m still getting cravings and finding it really hard to adhere to the rules.

Day 8: The cleanse is going really well although I’m not being a saint and still craving chocolate and crisps and indulging a little. My meals are healthy though. I had my first interesting ‘elimination’. I could really tell I’d consumed a lot of greenery!

Day 9: So far, apart from decent eliminations, I can’t feel anything interesting happening for me. I know it’s early days and I have consumed the odd inappropriate food, but I did expect an experience. I’ve done so many diets and cleanses and this one has had the least impact or interest. The shakes just replace my meals and the supplements appear to improve elimination but nothing else of interest is happening. I will probably keep using the shakes for more than 7 days because of all the cheating I’ve done and the fact I have a visit to Amsterdam coming up.

Day 21: This marks the end of my 21 day microbiome cleanse. If it has done me any good, I’m oblivious to it because I’ve experienced nothing remarkable whatsoever. No improved sleep, no renewed energy, no clearer skin. I did eat the odd microbiome unfriendly food but not enough to outweigh the amount of supplements I was consuming. In fact, I’ve been eating vegan for 4 days and already I can see the benefits from that. I’m really not sure if I would do it again unless I had £200 floating around and I’d been eating clean for a while.

I currently weigh 165.5 lbs so not even any weight loss. Thumbs down.




Day 76- TASK: Complete Microbiome Purifying Kit by Synergy

Tomorrow, on Monday 14th January, I will embark on my diet transition. It will be my first step in transitioning towards a whole-grain, plant-based vegan diet. It is what I consider perfect for the world, perfect for health and perfect for me.

It will start with me following the 21 day microbiome purifying programme by Synergy. My boss has done it and can’t speak highly enough. It’s expensive at around £200 a kit but she bought it for me as my birthday present. I see it as a great way to trigger a diet transition.


The kit contains magnesium, probiotics, vitamins and meal replacement shakes. It claims to detoxify the body and flood the gut with good bacteria. Priming the body to be a place where good bacteria can flourish.

I have to eat pretty healthy when I follow this which will put me in a good position to transition to a plant-based diet.

The next 21 days will look something like this:

1-5 days cutting out sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and carbs and taking magnesium

6-12 days of supplements. A shake for breakfast and lunch, and a healthy high-protein meal.

Day 13-21 Continued healthy eating and supplements

It is on day 13 that I plan to fully commit to a plant-based diet.

I will blog about my experiences on the microbiome purifying programme, and report back with any benefits that I notice, when it ends.



Day 61- NEW HABIT: The Evening Facial

NEW HABIT: Start my evening facial regimen

I have created all my morning habits for the time being and I am generally good at completing them regularly. My dental habits are all I’ve created in the evening so it’s really time to now develop my evening beauty regimen. I head to bed at 9pm and start with flossing, brushing my teeth and using my mouthwash. From tomorrow evening, I will commence next with evening facial. It is exactly the same as what I do in the morning but now this means I will be going to bed with a nicely washed and moisturised face.

I’m still using up my Dermologica products before I convert back to my favourite, Liz Earle.

“As part of my evening routine I will commence with my facial regimen after brushing my teeth”


Day 22- NEW HABIT: The Morning Facial

NEW HABIT: Start my morning facial regimen

This habit is the final part of my morning routine and start of my morning beauty regimen. For now, I won’t be introducing any more habits or levelling them up in the mornings. I really need to spend some time on the other parts of the day and the housework.

So after my shower and brushing my teeth, I want to wash my face. I want to start using Liz Earle products again because I had such success with them before, but unfortunately I have Dermalogica products left from when I was seeing a Dermalogica therapist. I have to use them up because it’s such a waste of money otherwise, and I’m short on money to get everything I want in one go. I will be washing my face again at the sink rather than in the shower because I think I do a better job that way. I will be using my Dermalogica facial cleanser, followed by toner, moisturiser and eye serum. The only other Dermalogica product I’ll have left is some exfoliator which I will include when I introduce the bath routines again.

“I will start my beauty regimen with cleansing, toning, eye serum, spot cream and moisturiser”

The Dermalogica products I have to use up before levelling up