Day 100- TASK: eBay Cupboard

TASK: Tidy understairs cupboard and gather together all eBay items to sell

It’s day 100 on the path to perfection. I’m so pleased and proud with myself for keeping up the effort for this long. The last time I went on this venture, I think I made it to 130-140 days. This time, I’m in it for the long haul and there will be no surrender.

At the weekend I spontaneously decided to tidy up the cupboard under the stairs and get all my eBay items together. I guess the motivation was the need to get money onto my PayPal to fund the Liz Earle products I’m slowly depending on.

It was a real mess to start with. Everything in there had just been thrown on top of one another.


I pulled everything out and organised everything for selling on eBay I in the corner of my kitchen, in the vain hope it will be a constant reminder to get on with creating the listings.


With the eBay items out of the way, I could really think hard about what I might like to put back in the cupboard. For a long time now, I’ve wished to have the vacuum cleaner in there instead of in the kitchen or around the house.


It looks so much better now and I did manage to get the vacuum cleaner in there. There’s now just that, the ironing board & iron, shopping bags and some shoes. Now I just have to get on with selling the rest of the stuff on eBay.



Day 81- HABIT BREAK: Paypal

HABIT BREAK: Stop withdrawing my PayPal funds and let them pay for eBay purchases

I’m trying to sort my finances out because it appears I’m over-spending and my monthly debts are mounting up. I budget the best I can but the purchases I make by PayPal always take me by surprise. I keep withdrawing funds from my PayPal so if I buy anything on eBay, it takes the money from my bank account 2 weeks later when I’m not expecting it. Now I am trying to level up all my cosmetics with Liz Earle, I buy a lot of this stuff with PayPal. I figured that if I stop withdrawing my PayPal funds and leave any eBay profits alone, I can fund my Liz Earle products without it affecting my bank balance.

“I will not withdraw my PayPal funds but use them to pay for purchases instead”



Day 36- NEW HABIT: eBay

NEW HABIT ⌗28: Sell all my eBay items to raise funds

All over my house, in cupboards, I have items I mean to sell on eBay. Lots of my own stuff and lots of stuff my boss threw out. It’s cluttering up my home, while I’m worrying about the overdraft I will have after Christmas. I have years of success on eBay and have funded numerous things by raising the funds there. It’s time to get on top of it. It’s time to make eBaying a habit so I don’t keep ending up with lots of things in bags and boxes waiting to get damaged, lost or de-valued.

Sunday was always the favourite day to make selling a habit but it’s all too easy to miss a Sunday or not nearly get enough stuff listed in one day. This post is a commitment to listing everything I’ve got, at every moment I have. I wanna push it out continuously. When, not if, I finally have everything sold, my new habit will be to list the next item at the first opportunity, not wait for some magic day. That way, I eliminate procrastination and avoid hoarding.

Tomorrow, I will clear this corner of my kitchen and start to amass all the things I intend to sell. Then I will relentlessly list everything and get it out of the house one way or another. I’m hoping to profit £1500 from this venture. It will pay for my overdraft after Christmas and our holiday in February. After that, I should be permanently in the black. Today I create the habit of eBaying one item everyday until it’s all gone.

“I will list something for sale on eBay every day”

Update: This habit was not at all working for me. I was just rushing, trying to squeeze in a listing a day. They ended up lazy and an annoying chore. I will return to my eBaying and try to come up with a better way of listing my stuff.


I’ve cleared up this corner and collected things I have for sale.