Day 101- NEW HABIT: Exfoliation

NEW HABIT: Exfoliate my face on bath nights

A couple of weeks ago I introduced bath night on Sundays. I have had a bath on Sundays for two weeks in a row. As a foundation, I have simply run a warm bath with bath foam and dead sea salts, lit a candle and soaked for 30 minutes. It has been a great way to wind down and take some time out. But bath nights are intended for more than just that. I will be slowly introducing habits to go with bath time. The first thing I do is wash my face with my usual facial wash. Following that I will be introducing the habit of exfoliating my face. This is the opportunity to slough away dead skin and deep clean my pores. I want to use Liz Earle’s exfoliator going forward. I have an old bottle of it to finish up and a Dermalogica equivalent to use too.

“I will exfoliate after washing my face on Sunday bath nights”




Day 31- NEW HABIT: My Eyebrows

NEW HABIT: Have my eyebrows tinted and shaped every 6 weeks

NEW HABIT: Budget for my eyebrows every 6 weeks

A couple of years ago I decided to start having my eyebrows tinted, waxed and shaped. Although my eyebrows were not wild, they were very fair and not nicely shaped. Having them done has really made a difference and it would be very hard now to stop doing it. In this very short blog, I’m making a commitment to having them done every six weeks, scheduling it in the diary. You can see the transformation below.

“I will have my eyebrows tinted and shaped every 6 weeks, budget £22 for it and schedule it in the diary”