Day 104- LEVEL UP: Dining Table

My path to perfection is all about me getting fitter, prettier, more organised and having a home I can be proud of.

In a month, I’m having 7 people round for dinner and my 4 seater table is just not going to do. As my life improves, and I enjoy it more, I like to imagine myself entertaining guests a bit more enthusiastically. This has triggered me to deciding it is time to get a new, bigger table and six chairs. Besides, I have a kitchen now that can accommodate it. I currently have a small table with benches from John Lewis. It’s very nice and we have had it for about 10 years. I’ve now sold it and purchased a new extendable table from Ikea. It can sit 4 or 6 and even 8 at a push. It took me all yesterday to build it and now my hands are sore from the screwdriver. IMG_4021.jpeg

From Ikea’s catalogue. Ekedalen Oak

Day 97- NEW HABIT: After Dinner Washing Up

NEW HABIT: Do ALL the washing up after dinner

Doing the washing up in the morning before I go to work was one of the first habits I introduced when I started this blog about being on the path to perfection. It started well at first but after a while I’ve ended up just emptying and filling the dishwasher. It still makes a huge difference and keeps me on top of things but as long as that is all I do, I still end up with pans, chopping boards and wooden spoons sitting on the side and that could go on for a week. So I’ve decided to introduce the habit of doing all the washing up in the evening after dinner. As I will have more time, I can make sure the pans and boards are washed up too so by the morning there should only a few glasses and plates to pop into the dishwasher.

“I will do All the washing up every day after dinner. There should be nothing left on the side when I finish’



Day 89- BUDGET: Pots and Pans

Every year or two, I find my frying pans and chopping board become damaged and worn. I don’t like using non-stick frying pans when the surface is so scratched it can leach metals into the food. I don’t like using chopping boards when they are warped or blackened. It usually comes to a point when I just have to replace them but they are so expensive if I want something that is going to last. I’ve decided to budget ¬£100 a year to replace my frying pans, oven trays or chopping boards if I feel I need to.


Day 68- ETHICAL HAUL: Kitchen Household Items

It has been three weeks since my last ethical haul from True Food. That was my first time and I purchased as much of our personal care items as I could. I’ve added lip balm and mouthwash to that list now and will buy it next time I need it.

This week I focused on Kitchen Household Items. IMG_3930.jpegSODASAN REGENERATING SALT– This is to replace the dishwasher salt I put in my dishwasher to stop the hard water causing stains and calcium build up

SODASAN AUTO DISH TABS– This is to replace the dishwasher tablets for cleaning. They did have powder as well but I thought an alternative tab would be a stepping stone. From my previous experiences, I’ve noted that environmentally friendly products don’t always clean as well, so more pre-rinsing may be required on my part to keep them effective and I don’t want to be put off if things fail.

BIO D DISHWASHER RINSE AIDРWhen I got to True Food I found out I needed to bring my own bottles to fill the products in. They have everything on tap from laundry detergent to shampoo. Without bottles, I chose these filled bottles instead and next time will take the bottles back to fill up.



BIO D WASHING UP LIQUID– I had nearly run out of washing up liquid so getting this was about time. Again, with environmentally friendly washing up liquids, they don’t always cut the mustard or last as long. Using them can become frustrating and to succeed, it will involve more rinsing utensils beforehand.

LOOF CO WASHING UP PAD– I was curious with this loofah washing up pad. I do like to use a scrubber at the sink and feel bad about chucking them out when they look bad but this is meant to last for months and is a natural product to dispose of.

ECO LEAF KITCHEN ROLL– I forgot to take a photo but I thought I’d give this a go.


BIO D LAUNDRY DETERGENT– They had bio and non bio detergent in large containers but I decided to just try this non bio small bottle because I have struggled to get results in the past with environmentally friendly alternatives. I’ll see how I get on this time.

BIO D FABRIC CONDITIONER– They actually had a juniper scent and unscented one but I went with lavender because I usually like it so much.

They have a bleaching and stain remover product too but I have my standard ones to use up first.

My next ethical haul will be in two weeks’ time and I think it will be my Vegan Storecupboard ingredients as I transition to a plant-based, vegan diet after my Microbiome Cleanse.



Day 15- NEW HABIT: A Hair Wash

NEW HABIT: Wash my hair every other day

I tend to wash my hair every second or third day. The third day isn’t very nice. I’ve usually got my hair peeled back into a ponytail by then because it’s getting greasy and unmanageable. On a weekend, when I don’t see people, I can let it go for 4 days. Washing my hair every other day would keep it presentable, preventing embarrassment from surprise visitors, but more importantly it will be immensely good for my appearance and self-esteem. Tomorrow I will be washing my hair and every other day after that. I’m using up my left over hotel bottles before levelling up to my preferred brands.

“Every other day I will wash my hair”

I’m not sure I can use up all these before I want my preferred brands, but I’ll give it a try.


Day 13- NEW HABIT: The Morning Washing Up

NEW HABIT: Do the washing up after breakfast every work day morning

So currently I’m getting up, making the bed, oil-pulling whilst making packed lunches and having porridge for breakfast instead of tea. Next to follow, before I go up to get ready, is to do the washing up. I usually leave it and always have dirty dishes strewn across the work tops. I come home from work to even more and the downstairs stinks because of the food stuck to the plates and the dirty sink. After my porridge, but before going upstairs to get ready, I will empty/fill the dishwasher, and do all washing up, so the counter and sink are clear.

“After breakfast I will take care of all the washing up”