Recovery is the name I give to the opportunity to get back on the path to perfection when circumstances have veered one off the path. It involves evaluation and then a focus on completing each habit again, one at a time. Sometimes recovery will involve some catching up on habits that got abandoned during a wobble.

So I lost last week to illness. I wanted last week to be my perfect week. I had all my habits neatly organised in my calendar, had got rid of ones that had become too challenging or obsolete and was raring to go. Struck down by a head cold including an awful cough, I had to cancel gym classes and spend most of my evenings in bed. I did however, count my calories and on the days I did, I lost weight. Unfortunately, due to procrastination I was buying food on the go and found myself going to the shops every single day which is such a time waster. Although my cough is still an irritation, I think I’m well enough to resume exercise and stop idling.

The housework has fallen behind, I’ve stopped exercising, I’m shopping daily and my evening routine has been abandoned. Next week I want to return to my gym habits, have a clean house and a menu plan, calorie count my food and stick to my evening routine. I figured I can use this weekend to put in place the things that will help me succeed next week and those are:

  • Do housework to start week with a clean house
  • Make a menu plan (calorie counted)
  • Do online grocery shopping for the week
  • Wash all my gym kit and have it ready

Completing all these things this weekend will set my up for the perfect week. Then all I have to do is be well and disciplined enough to do all my habits.

And most importantly, I want the opportunity to add new habits to my path again.