Day 126- REVIEW: The Perfect Week

I have so many habits created now that they really are becoming the backbone to my week. My first round of visits to the gym are becoming permanent so soon I will consider adding more activities. I have so many habits now I have had to review them and decide which to cement and which to discard. I transferred all my habits to Calendar to help me see where gaps are left in my dairy so that I can fill them with new habits. The classes at gym vary in times so I also need to plan my meals around them.

Now that all my permanent habits are in my calendar, I am making a concerted effort this week to complete them all. It will be a good foiundation this week before I start to conquer my meal plans and look to introduce additional exercise.

Screenshot 2019-03-04 at 21.18.45.png

Screenshot 2019-03-04 at 21.19.01.png


Day 121- REVIEW: Daily Habits

Most of my days now, especially weekdays, are 75% full of habits. Some are easy to adhere to, some are more challenging. Since I joined the gym and attend classes, to continue it means I must adjust each day to accommodate everything. It means that dinner and breakfast can’t be at the same time everyday. And meals have to be tailored to time I have. Yesterday I abandoned all variations of diets and have chosen to simply restrict calories until I reach my desired weight. I’ve been meaning for a long time to get a menu plan in place and design an efficient way to quickly create the shopping list and order it for home delivery. With this in mind, I have reviewed my daily habits and created a list of them for each day. This has helped me determine when my meals should be and what kind of meal I should have given the time restraints. It has also made known how much time I have left in each day to fill with the habits I’m yet to make. Let’s face it, to get close to perfection on my path it will mean having an action-packed day. When I was procrastinating, it was empty and idle.

It is my intention to implement my reviewed habits from Monday and to include every habit I have created. Then I will spend the forthcoming weeks using the blog to introduce even more habits that can fill the gaps and finally hone my meal plan and shopping habits. This plan should help me lose weight and get fit so I can move onto the next chapter.


Day 60- REVIEW: Weekly housework list

A few weeks ago, I created the habit of performing weekly housework chores on a Saturday. It has been one of the few habits I have struggled to deliver on and commit to. When this happens, it is important to review why this is.

I think I have struggled because I didn’t decide what housework I was going to do and what time I was gonna do it. Then there is the problem that sometimes I’m not here on a Saturday or there isn’t much time on a Saturday morning to even start it. I concluded that I need a concise, minimum list, printed out with check boxes, so I have clear parameters to work within. There are 19 chores and I can aim to complete them in whatever time I can afford on a Saturday. If I’m not here on a Saturday, I can schedule the housework in on a Friday, or if I run out of time, I can complete the list on another day.


I will be using this list tomorrow for the first time in the hope it will help give me direction, focus and time management. The process will also help me conclude what cleaning products I need to be the most efficient I can be.

“Now I have created the perfect list I will use it every week”