Day 102- NEW HABIT: The Printer

NEW HABIT: Always have paper and cartridges for the printer and budget for it

Using a printer can be quite a costly affair especially when one does not budget for the expensive ink cartridges. At around £80 a pop, it always comes as a nasty surprise when I have to replace a spent one. Also, I never have one ready when it runs out so there are occasions when important documents can’t be printed in time. This new habit is about always having spare cartridges at the ready. The trigger is, as soon as a new one goes in, it’s time to order the next one. That way, there will never be an occasion that we can’t print. I will also be budgeting the £80 so when the time comes to order, I have the greens ready. I did try to save money by buying boot leg cartridges but my printer does not like them and keeps telling me I’m out of ink. I’ve surrendered to only giving it what it wants. The company I buy from is and they offer a recycling service so I can send my spent cartridges back to them for free. They are also cheaper than the high street and post almost next day.

Paper is also required for the printer and that’s something I run out of too and then the kids can’t print their homework. I’ve decided I should also always have a spare pack so when I open a new pack, it means it is time to buy another. I’ve also decided to start getting my printer paper from True Food because they offer an ethically made product.

“I will always have spare printer paper & ink cartridges at the ready. I will recycle the spent ones and ethically source the paper. I will budget £80 for cartridges”







Day 93- LEVEL UP: My Job

I had some really good news today which is going to really affect my lifestyle and its habits. My position at work will formally change from Housekeeper to Private Household Manager, at my request. My hours will increase to 8:30am-4:30pm and my salary will increase also. I am likely to improve my uniform to a formal suit rather than a cleaning tunic and take on a smarter, more professional appearance. This is from 1st April and all these changes are really going to influence and inspire me. They make me want to be slim and fit so I can look good in my new uniform. More money means I can make more dreams come true. I can honestly say this change is going to majorly influence any forthcoming habits and I am very excited.

Day 77- BUDGET: My Work Uniform

NEW HABIT: Budget £100 a year to pay for new work uniform

I wear a uniform to work. I charge my new tunics to my boss but every now and then I need new shoes and trousers which I pay for myself. Procrastination sometimes means I go for months in tatty shoes, or trousers with white knees, undone hems or broken zips. I’ve always seen September as a new start. I guess it derives from the academic year when we get new clothes for school. To prevent me from being tatty, I really should review my uniform every year and make sure I’m the smartest I can be. I really regret the last pair of shoes I bought because I bought them online and they are too big. I won’t be making that mistake again. I do like to splash out on really good work shoes, like Skechers or FitFlops. I’m on my feet all day. I can get my trousers really cheaply from Matalan or Asda. I am going to budget £100 a year so that I can buy new shoes and trousers every September if I think I need to.

“I will budget £100 a year to pay for new trousers and shoes for work around September time”






Day 14- NEW HABIT: Shower Time

NEW HABIT: Kick off a morning beauty regimen with a shower every work day

After doing the washing up in the morning, it’s time for me to go upstairs and get ready for work. Just over a week ago I use to stay in bed until 10 minutes before I had to leave and would have the quickest shower every couple of days. Those days are over. I’m already up and about much sooner than I was. When I go upstairs I need to start my beauty regimen again. When I’ve done this in the past, it has had such positive effect on my appearance, my confidence and on my mental health. I’m gonna kick off my morning beauty regimen with a shower every work day, regardless. Before I perfect my products I will use up all the shower gel bottles I have lying around.

“Ever work day I will begin my beauty regimen with a shower”